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Showcase Food Service Network

Foodservice Network Belgium offers an (inter)national meeting ground for leading foodservice professionals with the purpose of sharing knowledge, inspiration and experience on different themes. Early 2020 they hosted an event on packaging in the food industry. The Filatuur in Aalst was chosen as the place to be for an instructive afternoon on sustainable packaging. As a joint-venture, Hels and Belgocatering supported the network part afterwards. 


Commissioned by Belgocatering, we’ve created and produced a totally unique series of food stands. The set-up and decoration are fully customizable to the atmosphere of the event at which they’re used. Next to our food stands, we also furnished the venue by creatively reallocating daily items. Belgocatering from their part only used recyclable or recoverable materials to present their delicious dishes. At this showcase we’ve proofed it’s possible to furnish a venue and provide high-level catering with minimal waste production. 

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