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Hels Belgium - Crew.jpg

Probably the best crew in town!

Versatile, motivated, enthusiastic, dedicated… sure, but isn’t that every crew agency? The truth is, our guys are a bunch of hard bodied and logistically creative mad men doing mad jobs. 


Stagehands, site crew, AV crew, forklift operators,… you name it, we have it.


Our crew shares a determined mindset and a “can do” attitude

We work in the shadows to lighten up somebody else’s day
Hels Belgium - Crew.jpg

Backed-up by a ridiculously high level of experience at the office, the Hels devils always go the extra mile to reach your objective. Whatever it takes, we will deliver the result you had in mind. Hels stands at the ready any time of the day, any day of the week. Nothing can stop us, not heavy weather, not cold dark nights, not 17 flights of stairs, we’re in it ‘till the end!

Equipment List
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Equipment List

If needed we equip our crew with lots of different tools and accessories. Please find the list of equipment possibilities below.

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Let’s Collaborate on Your Next Event. Get a quote. This is the first step in an amazing relationship with Hels.


Fancy working for us? 

Well of course you want to! At Hels, we are always looking for young talent to join our team.

Looking for a student job at summer festivals ? You've come to the
right place!

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