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IMMOWEB - Karting Trophy Tour

At Immoweb, not only the customers are being pampered, they take care of their wide network of realtors in the same way. To strengthen the team spirit and stir up the competition between their agents, a Karting Trophy Tour was organized throughout 5 provinces. Each leg of this tour gave the local agencies an opportunity to battle each other  on the track. Dozens of teams gave it their all to beat their opponents in some tight races. The winning team received the Trophy Cup and off course eternal glory for winning the first ever Immoweb Karting Trophy Tour. 


Hels took a seat as logistic and crew supplier for all 5 events. A dedicated team took care of setting up the venue with thematic decoration and furniture, the sound system, a top-notch race simulator and much more. We even brought a home and custom made reception counter. Transportation and handling was in our hands including temporary warehousing. A big thanks to the people involved at Immoweb for choosing Hels as the logistic partner for this amazing roadshow. 

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