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Immoweb doesn’t like to miss an opportunity to stay in touch with their clients. This autumn we organised a road trip that visited over fifty affiliated agencies throughout Flanders and Brussels with the ‘Luxefrietjes Foodtruck Tour’.

Every participating agency was able to invite as many guests as they wished to strengthen professional relationships and facilitate networking opportunities. On offer were a variety of exclusive French Fry dishes and speciality beers for everyone to enjoy.  A warm and welcoming ambience was created using modern furniture fittings and homely accessories for guests to enjoy their meals.

Hels rustled up a core team to take care of all the logistical and catering support for this project.  Once the concept was all worked out by Immoweb, we went looking for partners and suppliers, organised transportation and provided the Airstream food truck. Meanwhile, in the back office we contacted the participants to schedule all the events, went for site visits and adjusted the settings in terms of available space and number of guests. Despite the complexity and challenges of this road show, it was a huge success. Immoweb proved once again that loyalty and personal relationships are highly valued assets in their company. 

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